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Most multi-family, residential, and commercial properties in Florida have air conditioning systems installed. Besides regular service and maintenance of these units, you also need to replace the air filters at specific intervals, depending on your AC usage. We at Josko Services offer reliable, industry-leading AC service and maintenance of all leading makes and models.


We know from experience that when genuine, high-quality spares and replacement parts are used, it helps maintain the unit’s condition, energy-efficiency, extending its lifespan. Its why we have made available to our customers the option to purchase Indoor Wellness brand air filters via our website.


While we do not directly supply these filters to you, you get excellent discounts when you visit the Indoor Wellness site via the Josko Services’ ‘Air Quality Filter Delivery’ page. This well-known brand manufactures and supplies the highest quality air conditioning filters in an incredibly convenient way. You can order the filters you need, either in bulk or opt for a subscription online and pay directly for the products.

Why You Need Good Quality Air Filters

Some things can significantly influence the indoor air in your home or commercial property, and your AC filter is one of the most prominent. Without excellent filters, your air conditioner will keep recycling all the bacteria, pollen, and allergens around the house or commercial building. It also spreads fumes, odors, pet dander, and mold.


When you are buying air filters for ACs, you will find a wide variety of products to choose from. However, you must purchase filters with the correct MERV ratings. Each filter’s MERV rating depends on the overall size of particulates it will remove from the indoor air; smaller particulates would need filters of a higher rating.


Good quality air filters will help maintain better indoor air quality, reducing allergies and airborne diseases. Most AC manufacturers mention the air filter specifications in the user’s manual, and you can refer to it while placing your order. If you are unsure, consult with the Josko Services experts or call Indoor Wellness on their listed number to get this information.

Why Opt For Indoor Wellness Air Filters?

There are several reasons to opt for these filters, such as:


  • As mentioned earlier, this company manufactures high-quality AC air filters. The total number of pleats varies significantly from brand to brand, and it’s one of the most visible differences in these products. You will notice that a leading competitor’s basic filters are notably different from similar products from Indoor Wellness. The latter has 20% more filter pleats than certain top brand filters.


  • HVAC experts also recommend Indoor Wellness’ air filters because they use high-grade metal mesh combined with much thicker cardboard shells. This design and materials provide more durable and robust filters. They are built to retain their integrity and shape under stress. The filters capture more pollen, bacteria, dander, and dust than most AC air filters you can purchase online. It means that with Indoor Wellness filters, you can breathe purer and fresher air.


  • What sets the company apart from others in the industry is that they make these products available to you most conveniently.

Order Air Quality Filters Online

Cost-Effective Air Quality Filter Delivery

You can purchase Indoor Wellness air filters in bulk or opt for a subscription. Both are excellent ways to save money on air conditioning filters. You can customize your bulk order or subscription and choose the filter and pack size as per your needs and the frequency at which you change out filters.


For more information about Indoor Wellness’ air filter delivery service, feel free to call Josko Services on this number- 407-807-0337 or connect with us through this Contact Us form. You can also visit the Indoor Wellness website to place orders or subscribe.

Please call Josko Services with any questions